Quand va sortir David Hotyat ?


Quand va sortir David Hotyat ?

Quand va sortir David Hotyat ?

Le fait que Hotyat soit libérable dès 2025, par l'effet des remises de peine, vous scandalise-t-il également ? S.O. : Vous savez, on ne nous prévient pas quand ils sortent. On l'apprend souvent par la presse. E. B.

Où se trouve David Hotyat ?

David Hotyat
Assassin, cambrioleur
VilleLe Grand-Bornand
9 autres lignes

Who is Xavier Flactif and what did he do?

  • In truth, Xavier Flactif was an unscrupulous man—a greedy crook who didn’t pay his workers and never followed through on his real estate deals. He built chalets, sold them, and pocketed the money, going from client to client without ever finishing the construction.

What happened to Flactif?

  • “L’affaire Flactif,” as it is known in France—the Flactif case—was one of the most terrifying murders that France has ever seen. Firstly, because two adults and three children (ages 6, 9, and 10) were literally massacred; secondly, because the motive, which seemed to be rather ridiculous, was in fact extremely complex.

Why did David Hotyat kill Xavier Flactif?

  • David Hotyat’s jealousy was cited as the motive for the crime, while racism was completely dismissed. Born to a Chadian father and Guadeloupean mother, Xavier Flactif was adopted at the age of three by loving parents.

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