Quelle est la couleur du maillot du leader de la Vuelta ?


Quelle est la couleur du maillot du leader de la Vuelta ?

Quelle est la couleur du maillot du leader de la Vuelta ?

Créé en 1935 par Juan Pujol, directeur du journal « Informaciones », la Vuelta décide d'honorer son leader avec un maillot orange.

Quand se termine la Vuelta ?

Du Samedi au Dimanche 5 septembre 2021, La Vuelta 21 sera composée de 21 étapes et couvrira une distance totale de 3.417 km.

What is the color of the Vuelta a España leader's jersey?

  • In 1955, when El Correo resurrected the Vuelta, yellow became the color of the leader's jersey, the same color as in the Tour de France. Except for the 1977 Vuelta, when the jersey was orange, a yellow jersey was worn until 1998, when the color was deepened to a gold hue. However, for the 2010 edition,...

What is the history of the Vuelta a Vuelta?

  • In 1941, the Vuelta resumed competition with an almost entirely Spanish peloton and very little foreign representation. That year the first time trial was held in the Vuelta. Julian Berrendero was proclaimed the winner, and he recaptured the title the next year. In addition, Berrendero was King of the Mountains for three consecutive years.

What does the overall leader of the Tour de France wear?

  • The overall leader at present wears a red jersey, although previously it has been the "Maillot amarillo" (Yellow jersey) and the "Jersey de Oro" (Golden jersey)— the Spanish counterpart to the yellow jersey of the Tour de France.

Who wears the green jersey in the Giro d'Italia?

  • In the Giro d'Italia, the green jersey was, from 19, worn by the King of the Mountains, the leader in the competition for climbing specialists.

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