Quel est le synonyme de disgrâce ?


Quel est le synonyme de disgrâce ?

Quel est le synonyme de disgrâce ?

Défaut de grâce, de charme ; gaucherie, lourdeur, rudesse : Disgrâce physique.

How do you spell disgrace?

  • The Correct spelling is: disgrace. Common misspellings of the word disgrace are: disgrace in french. disgrace in spanish. disgrace in german. disgrace in italian. disgrace in portuguese.

What is the meaning of disgrace?

  • (dɪsˈɡreɪs) n. 1. a condition of shame, loss of reputation, or dishonour. 2. a shameful person, thing, or state of affairs. 3. exclusion from confidence or trust: he is in disgrace with his father.

What is a sentence for Disgrace?

  • What a disgrace it would be!
  • I am broken and in disgrace now.
  • Is it a shame or a disgrace to us!
  • Threats and disgrace were used to others.
  • Bessie had brought disgrace upon us.
  • He represents and can disgrace the Tamiya.
  • She herself could not have faced disgrace with any such meekness.
  • I can't disgrace the family.

What is another word for Disgrace?

  • Synonyms for Disgraced: adj. all (adjective) shamed, discredited, dishonored. n. v. abased (verb) embarrassed, shamed, Abased, dishonored, Defamed, Mocked, degraded, maligned. Other synonyms: offended insulted.

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