Qui peut destituer le président USA ?


Qui peut destituer le président USA ?

Qui peut destituer le président USA ?

L'article II de la Constitution des États-Unis, traitant du Président, dispose dans sa section 4 : « Le président, le vice-président et tous les fonctionnaires civils des États-Unis seront destitués de leurs charges sur mise en accusation et condamnation pour trahison, corruption ou autres crimes et délits majeurs. »

What was Nixon's most important domestic problem?

  • Prior to 1973 the most important of Nixon’s domestic problems was the economy. In order to reduce inflation he initially tried to restrict federal spending, but beginning in 1971 his budget proposals contained deficits of several billion dollars, the largest in American history up to that time.

What was Nixon's policy in Vietnam?

  • Aiming to achieve “peace with honor” in the Vietnam War, Nixon gradually reduced the number of U.S. military personnel in Vietnam. Under his policy of “ Vietnamization,” combat roles were transferred to South Vietnamese troops, who nevertheless remained heavily dependent on American supplies and air support.

What was Nixon's relationship with the media like?

  • Nonetheless, the experience embedded a deep distrust of mainstream media in Nixon, who would one day be at the receiving end of much worse from reporters. The Checkers Speech aside, the Eisenhower-Nixon ticket defeated the Democratic candidates, Adlai E. Stevenson and John Sparkman, and Nixon avoided a full-on political disaster.

What happened during the Watergate scandal?

  • During the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon and his administration were discovered to have been involved in a burglary attempt at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in 1972.

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