Où se situe l'île de Pantelleria ?


Où se situe l'île de Pantelleria ?

Où se situe l'île de Pantelleria ?

Trapani Pantelleria/Province

What is the history of Pantelleria?

  • The original population of Pantelleria did not come from Sicily, but were of Iberian or Ibero- Ligurian stock. After a considerable interval, during which the island probably remained uninhabited, the Carthaginians took possession of it, no doubt owing to its importance as a station on the way to Sicily.

Where is tempantelleria Italy located?

  • Pantelleria is located at around 30 miles from Africa and belongs to the province of Trapani, which is among the southernmost parts of Europe. This place is known for its natural hot springs, fantastic sea view and was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions.

What to eat in the province of Pantelleria?

  • Try the delicate ravioli amari, stuffed with ricotta and mint leaves and the scented Pantelleria pesto, a dressing made with raw tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil and chilli pepper, used either to flavour pasta or as an accompaniment for grilled fish or boiled meat.

How old is the Acropolis of Pantelleria?

  • This probably occurred around the beginning of the 7th century BC. Their acropolis was the twin hill of San Marco and Santa Teresa, 2 km (1.2 mi) south of the present town of Pantelleria. The town has considerable remains of walls made of rectangular blocks of masonry and also of a number of cisterns.

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