Why is Teen Wolf season 3 2 parts?


Why is Teen Wolf season 3 2 parts?

Why is Teen Wolf season 3 2 parts?

As per an article in Hybale.com, one of the reasons why Season 3 had 3 episodes is that they moved the show from Atlanta to Los Angeles. It seems California laws allow a show to get tax credit only if contains 20 episodes or more......

How old is Derek Hale in s3?

15 year-old After Scott rescues him, Derek appears to be a 15 year-old boy. (Read More...) Derek, regressed physically and mentally to the age of 15, returns to Beacon Hills. He doesn't remember the fire that killed his family.

What happened in Teen Wolf s3?

While Scott struggles to find his place as an Alpha, he, Allison and Stiles begin to experience strange side effects as a result of reigniting the power within Beacon Hills. They soon discover that the answer to their problems may be found in a new student named Kira, a girl with remarkable powers of her own.

Is Derek in season 3b?

Derek's loss of Alpha powers wasn't involuntary, however. ... He chose to give up his role as Alpha in order to save his sister's life. Cora survived, and although Derek is now a Beta and therefore a weaker form of werewolf, he learned that power isn't everything.

Who killed Nogitsune?

They eventually defeated the Nogitsune after Scott gave him the Bite, weakening him enough for Kira to stab him with her katana, turning his vessel to dust and once again reverting him back to fly form, which was trapped in a box made of the wood of the Nemeton before it was cut down, where he remains to this day.

Who is older Scott or Stiles?

Scott and Stiles are 16 in Season 1 and just starting their sophomore years. ... If Jackson has indeed been captain of the lacrosse team for 3 years, as Lydia implies, then this would make him a junior instead of a sophomore and likely 1 year older than Scott and Stiles.

Why is Derek not in season 5?

Acknowledging that Derek was no longer the main narrative player that he once was, the actor opted to look for other opportunities rather than be stuck as a background character in Teen Wolf. It was the show's creator Jeff Davis who broke the news that Hoechlin wouldn't be back for Teen Wolf season 5.

How did the Nogitsune possess Stiles?

The Nogitsune was a major antagonist in Season 3 of Teen Wolf. ... It was then revealed at the end of the episode that the Nogitsune had possessed Stiles Stilinski at some point following his death and resurrection as a result of the surrogate sacrifice ritual performed by Allison, Scott and Stiles in Alpha Pact.

How did Scott become a Alpha?

With help from Stiles and Derek Hale Scott learned how to control his abilities and overcame Peter's bloody vengeance, Hunters and a Kanima before becoming an Alpha by force of will.

Why did Scott's eyes turn red in Season 3?

Scott's eyes turn red because he is a “True Alpha” instead of a standard Alpha (who have yellow eyes on the show). ... Thus, Scott is forced to outsmart the Anuk-Ite by removing his own eyes.

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