Why did Invader become a street artist?


Why did Invader become a street artist?

Why did Invader become a street artist?

Invader sees himself as a "hacker" of public space spreading a mosaic "virus". He believes that museums and galleries are not accessible to everyone, and so installs his work at street level for ordinary people to enjoy on a daily basis.

Where does Invader do his art?

The French street artist Invader has taken over the city of Marseille in an artistic invasion that is unprecedented in scale. The artist, who is known for his mosaics inspired by '80s video games, has installed more than 80 works around the French city as part of an ambitious new exhibition, “Invader Was Here. “

When was Invader born?

1969 (Âge: 52 ans) Invader/Date de naissance

What is the meaning behind Space Invaders art?

Invader calls himself an 'Unidentified Free Artist', keeping his identity under wraps, wearing a mask in public and using a pseudonym instead of his real name. Invader creates a powerful form of public art as a message to break with the institutions that conform art today.

What kind of tiles does Space Invader use?

2. Next come the tiles. Space Invader aliens are easily reproduced using traditional, square tesserae tiles (Venetian glass), which are available in an assortment of colours at craft shops, tile shops or online.

What kind of tiles does invader use?

Using the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders as the subject for an ongoing project, Invader makes images from ceramic tiles such as NY_124, 2013 (below). These works resemble mosaics or pixilations.

What is Invader's real name?

Franck Slama Franck Slama, better known as Invader, creates characters from tiles that he sticks everywhere : the Space Invaders. He is a French street artist you need to know.

How does Invader disguise his identity?

Invader is an "Unidentified Free Artist", keeping his identity secret, using a mask and a pseudonym to disguise his true name.

What is the height of the highest space invader?

2362 meters What is the height of the highest Space Invader? It is located 2362 meters above ground (about 7000 feet) at the arrival of the ski lift in the village of Anzère in Switzerland.

What happened to Tak Invader Zim?

The resulting explosion blasted half the planet's power grid and trapped Tak in a training cell on the day of examination. Despite the catastrophic power outage, all tests continued on the other still-working side of the planet, leaving Tak stranded.

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