What is Schubert most famous piece?


What is Schubert most famous piece?

What is Schubert most famous piece?

Franz Schubert is best remembered for his songs—also called lieder—and his chamber music. He also created symphonies, masses, and piano works. His most notable works included Erlkönig, written in 1815 and based on a poem by Goethe; Ave Maria!, written in 1825; and the Symphony No. 9 in C Major, begun in 1825.

How did Franz Schubert influence music?

Schubert produced masterful works with rich harmonies and legendary melodies for a variety of genres, and his influence proved considerable with later composers like Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms and Hugo Wolf.

How many operas did Schubert?

There are a total of 16, eight in full score and eight more either lost or in fragmentary forth, and taken together they consume more space in the complete edition of the composer's works than any other vocal or instrumental form - Melancholy proof of Schubert's industrious labors to achieve popular success in an idiom ...

How many kids did Schubert?

The Schuberts, Franz Theodor (23), Elisabeth (30) now had three children: Ignaz (2), Elisabeth (1) and the newcomer, Karl. This family bliss did not last long – it rarely did in these times – and 1788 turns into the family's annus horribilis.

Did Beethoven influence Schubert?

He became a passionate devotee of Beethoven's music and remained so until his early death. ... On his deathbed, Beethoven was brought scores of Schubert's songs and declared himself impressed. Schubert wrote once that he saw Beethoven across the room in a crowded coffee house, but did not have the courage to approach him.

Is Beethoven classical or romantic?

Ludwig van Beethoven is a transitional figure between the Classical period, which lasted from the mid-18th century to the early 19th century, and the Romantic period, which lasted from about 1820-1910.

Did Schubert write an opera?

Franz Schubert, born on Jan. 31, 1797, is universally hailed for his incredible ability to write for the voice. ... But Schubert also composed opera, though to this day, none have managed to establish a foothold in the standard repertoire.

Did Schubert play guitar?

The composer and publisher Anton Diabelli, who published many of Schubert's early works (some of which were initially published as transcriptions for voice and guitar) was a professional guitarist.

How many brothers did Franz Schubert have?

four siblings Franz Schubert had four siblings. Schubert had three older brothers, and a younger sister. His brothers were Ignaz, Karl and Ferdinand. His sister was...

Who was Schuberts wife?

Clara Schumann
Died (aged 76) Frankfurt, German Empire
OccupationPianist Composer Piano teacher
OrganizationDr. Hoch's Konservatorium
Spouse(s)Robert Schumann ​ ​ ( m. 1840; died 1856)​
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