What does a TED talk means?


What does a TED talk means?

What does a TED talk means?

technology, entertainment, design A TED talk is a video created from a presentation at the main TED (technology, entertainment, design) conference or one of its many satellite events around the world. TED talks are limited to a maximum length of 18 minutes but may be on any topic.

What is the most watched TED talk ever?

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#NameTotal TED talk Views
1Brené Brown67,874,050
2Simon Sinek68,562,075
3Amy Cuddy60,720,729
4James Veitch87,856,830
21 autres lignes

What is a TED T?

To get right to business, a TED talk is a short presentation that focuses on technology, entertainment, and/or design. ... Today, TED boasts a collection of over 3,000 TED talk videos from politicians to scientists to comedians and actors.

Are TED talk videos free?

TED.com and our mobile apps allow great ideas to be easily accessible anywhere in the world, for free.

What is the slogan of TED talks?

ideas worth spreading TED Conferences LLC (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an American media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan "ideas worth spreading".

Are TED talks speeches?

TED-style talks are delivered without notes, from memory. THEY ARE NOT, as some people think, spontaneous; far from it! They are scripted and carefully rehearsed, often for months (or famously, in Susan Cain's case, for a year). In contrast, most business presenters use notes to deliver their speeches.

Are TED Talks credible?

Accuracy and transparency. At TED, we strive to present science in a way that is both compelling and 100% credible. Scientific claims by our speakers should be based on data that has survived scrutiny by experts in the field.

What is the most inspirational TED talk?

Motivational Talks: 5 Most Inspiring TED Talks

  • Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action. This is actually the first TED Talk that I ever viewed. ...
  • Shawn Achor – The psychology of positivity. ...
  • Elizabeth Gilbert – Your elusive creative genius. ...
  • Tom Wujec – Got a wicked problem? ...
  • Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome.

What is TEDx vs TED talks?

TEDx follows the same format as a TED Talk. The main difference between TED and TEDx is that TEDx is focused on a local, geographic area. It is a local gathering where TED-like talks and presentations are shared with the community. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx.

What age group watches TED talks?

Who are the people who together watched TED talks over a billion times? Data from Alexa.com suggested that visitors who are young (18-24) and in graduate school are overrepresented in the TED site.

Why are TED Talks so popular?

  • TED Talks is a unique and popular platform that creates the perfect opportunity for accurate communication. People all over the world use TED Talks to express themselves in presentations that cover a very wide range of topics. The features of TED Talks have made it outstanding in the business world when compared with other forms of presentations.

What is the most viewed TED Talks?

  • Sir Ken Robinson is not just an amazing orator — he is the most-viewed speaker on TED.com. His three talks have been viewed an astounding 21.5 million times, making him the sneezing baby panda of the TED ecosystem.

What is TED Talks on YouTube?

  • TED Talk Videos on YouTube. The TED conferences are gatherings of the most innovative and interesting thinkers on the planet. During the biannual conferences, speakers give talks about their area of interest. The conferences used to be closed, but fortunately, TED now has a YouTube channel that features its engaging educational lectures.

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