Comment soigner la migraine avec l'homéopathie ?


Comment soigner la migraine avec l'homéopathie ?

Comment soigner la migraine avec l'homéopathie ?

En cas de crises de maux de tête, n'hésitez pas à démarrer l'un des traitements suivants : Belladonna 5 CH : 3 granules toutes les 5 minutes en cas de migraine avec battements. Nux Vomica 5 CH : 3 granules toutes les 5 minutes lorsque la migraine est associée à un excès (alcool, café, repas).

Pourquoi prendre Lycopodium clavatum ?

Côté santé, c'est un remède prescrit contre les pathologies chroniques avec des symptômes digestifs (gastrites, ulcères, constipation, colopathies...) mais aussi contre de nombreuses pathologies dermatologiques (eczéma, urticaire, psoriasis...).

Comment prendre China rubra 5ch ?

Posologie. Il conviendra de prendre 2 granules de China rubra 5 CH ou 10 DH 3 fois par jour. Les prises seront à espacer avec la diminution des saignements ou à arrêter à la fin de la crise.

What are the uses of Lycopodium in homeopathy?

  • Role as a Homeopathic Medicine Mental Complaints. Among the various issues of the mind, this is a top listed medicine to treat schizophrenia (mental health illness that affects how a person thinks, feels and ... Left-sided Headaches. This is a prominently indicated medicine for treating left sided headache. ... Inflamed throat and Tonsillitis. ... Rectal Complaints. ... Female Complaints. ...

What is Lycopodium used for?

  • Lycopodium 30 & Lycopodium 200 are the most commonly used potencies in homeopathy. You can use Lycopodium for various diseases like – frequent urination, hair regrowth, kidney stones, sciatica, grey hair, vertigo, constipation, hernia, and many more.

How to take Lycopodium?

  • Take Lycopodium as a tincture or as sweetened pellets. As with all homeopathic remedies, it is best taken between meals. Avoid coffee and all mint and mint-related products (such as toothpaste or chewing gum) as they will block the effects of homeopathic remedies.

What are the medical uses of Lycopodium clavatum?

  • The homeopathic remedy Lycopodium clavatum is generally used for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Lycopodium is a great remedy for healing liver and gallbladder problems, and helps all kinds of digestive disorders. It is also used to help people suffering from issues of self-esteem.

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