Did Sofia Carson get married?


Did Sofia Carson get married?

Did Sofia Carson get married?

Surprisingly, the gorgeous Sofia Carson is currently single, but that's probably just because she's too busy starring in all of your favorite shows and movies. Mitchell, who plays the adorable King Ben in the Descendants franchise, has been dating his girlfriend Tayla Audrey for quite some time.

Is Sofia Carson Hispanic?

Sofia is Colombian-American. Her parents are José F. Daccarett and Laura Char Carson who moved from Colombia to Florida. On her mother's side, Sofia is related to the Char family, a group of Colombian politicians.

Does Sofia Carson have a child?

In 2015, she appeared as Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, in the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, later reprising her role in Descendants 2 and Descendants 3....
Sofia Carson
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Does Sofia Carson dance in real life?

The answer is yes and no. Before she hit it big in Hollywood, Sofia Carson was actually trained as a dancer. ... A lot of times the movie does feature close-ups of Sofia Carson dancing, so she is at least doing chunks of her own footwork, but a revealing social media post shared a bit about her dancing double in the movie.

How old is Carlos from descendants?

'Descendants' Profile: Carlos De Vil
Carlos De Vil
Date of BirthMarch 27
Age14-17 (descendants& descendants three)
Resides inThe Isle of the Lost (formerly) Auradon (currently)
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How many languages does Sofia Carson speak?

English SpanishFrench Sofia Carson/Langues

What is Sofia Carson personality?

In real life, Sofia is the total opposite of a villain—she's sweet, stylish and super smart. In addition to acting, she's also a singer, a student, and a friend to some other very talented stars.

How tall is Dove Cameron?

1.57 m Dove Cameron/Taille

Where was Dove Cameron born?

Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States Dove Cameron/Lieu de naissance

How old is Dove Cameron now?

25 years (Janu) Dove Cameron/Âge

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