Quel est le métier de Arnaud Clément ?


Quel est le métier de Arnaud Clément ?

Quel est le métier de Arnaud Clément ?

Joueur de tennis Professeur de tennis Arnaud Clément/Professions

Quel est l'âge de Arnaud Clément ?

44 ans (17 décembre 1977) Arnaud Clément/Âge

Où est né Arnaud Clément ?

Aix-en-Provence, France Arnaud Clément/Lieu de naissance

Qui vit Nolwenn Leroy ?

Nolwenn Leroy se confie sur sa vie de couple avec Arnaud Clément.

Quelle est la taille de Nolwenn Leroy ?

1,69 m Nolwenn Leroy/Taille

Qui est la mère de Nolwenn Leroy ?

Muriel Leroy Nolwenn Leroy/Mères

Quel est le mari de Nolwenn Leroy ?

Arnaud Clément Elle est en couple avec Arnaud Clément depuis janvier 2008. Le 12 juillet 2017, naît leur fils prénommé Marin.

Où habite Arnaud Clément ?

Genève Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Arnaud Clément/Lieux de résidence

Où vit Nolwenn Leroy ?

Paris Saint-YorreLilleGuingampHamilton Nolwenn Leroy/Lieux de résidence

Qui est la compagne de Arnaud Clément ?

Nolwenn Leroy (2008–) Arnaud Clément/Partenaire

How old is Arnaud Clément?

  • Arnaud Clément ( French pronunciation: ​ [aʁno klemɑ̃]; born 17 December 1977) is a retired tennis player and former captain of the France Davis Cup team. He reached the final of the 2001 Australian Open and achieved a career-high ranking of world No. 10 in April the same year.

Who are Clément's parents?

  • Clément was born in Aix-en-Provence to Henri Clément and Maria Michel. He began to play tennis at the age of seven with his older brother Bruno, who later became his coach. His grandmother is Lebanese.

What happened between Arnaud Clément and Rainer Schüttler?

  • In July 2008, Arnaud Clément and Rainer Schüttler, both in their early 30s, played against each other in a Wimbledon quarterfinal singles match. Because of rain delays and darkness, play was suspended over a period of two days. Eventually, the match went in favour of Schüttler.

When did Clément win his first ATP title?

  • In August 2006, Clément won his first ATP title in the United States, defeating Murray in straight sets in the final of the Legg Mason Tennis Classic.

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