What is VaxigripTetra?


What is VaxigripTetra?

What is VaxigripTetra?

VaxigripTetra is a vaccine. This vaccine helps to protect you or your child against influenza (flu).

What is the difference between Influvac and Vaxigrip?

Influvac vaccine mostly induces TLR3 gene and to a lesser extent TLR4 gene, does not influence the expression of B2M gene and inhibits Dicer1 gene. Vaxigrip split vaccine--the most potent stimulator of gene activity at low doses. Its main targets are TLR3 and B2M genes.

Where is vaxigrip Tetra made?

Vaxigrip/Vaxigrip Tetra Vaxigrip and its quadrivalent formulation Vaxigrip Tetra are split virus inactivated vaccines made by Sanofi Pasteur in Europe. Vaxigrip provides immune responses to three influenza strains and VaxigripTetra adds another B strain.

Is vaxigrip a quadrivalent vaccine?

VaxigripTetra™ (IIV4; Sanofi Pasteur) is a quadrivalent split-virion influenza vaccine approved in Europe in 2016 for individuals ≥ 3 years of age. IIV4 builds on the well-established record of the trivalent split-virion influenza vaccine (Vaxigrip®).

What is quadrivalent flu vaccine?

A synthetic vaccine consisting of hemagglutinin (HA) antigens derived from four inactivated influenza viruses, two different influenza type A strains and two different influenza type B strains, with protective immunizing activity.

What are the side effects of vaxigrip?

Common side effects include pain, tenderness, redness, swelling, bruising and hardness at the injection site, headache, muscle aches, feeling unwell, fever, and shivering. In children, other common side effects include irritability, abnormal crying, drowsiness, appetite loss and vomiting.

Is vaxigrip a swine flu vaccine?

Q. Is Vaxigrip Adult Vaccine helpful in preventing swine flu? Yes, Vaxigrip Adult Vaccine is used to prevent symptoms of swine flu.

Is influvac and influvac Tetra same?

INFLUVAC TETRA is an influenza vaccine containing inactivated fragments from four types of influenza virus. This type of vaccine is also known as a quadrivalent influenza vaccine.

What is the difference between vaxigrip and vaxigrip Tetra?

In children from 3 years of age, in adults including pregnant women and the elderly, Vaxigrip Tetra was as immunogenic as Vaxigrip for the strains in common. Vaxigrip Tetra elicited a superior immune response against the additional B strain included in Vaxigrip Tetra compared to Vaxigrip.

What is the trivalent flu vaccine?

A synthetic vaccine consisting of three inactivated influenza viruses, two different influenza type A strains and one influenza type B strain. Trivalent influenza vaccine is formulated annually, based on influenza strains projected to be prevalent in the upcoming flu season.

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